Stringtown is a White River Waterfront development, where the Future of Modern Urban Living is here now. Located along the White River and west of IUPUI. Stringtown is emerging as a quickly developing urban oasis with easy walking distance to so many opportunities. A location will change your life. A close connected community with lots of local history local history interspersed with smart new developments. Walk to everything that Downtown Indianapolis has to offer. Just cross the White River and the city is at your feet. This developing neighborhood is walking distance to the Indianapolis Zoo, White River State Park, lawn concerts, Victory Field and over 200 Downtown shops restaurants, music venues, movies and more.

Large scale developments underway include waterfront view apartments, retail shops, town homes with roof top decks and condominiums with views of the White River the Indianapolis Zoo and the entire Indianapolis Downtown Skyline. High tech internet infrastructure along the rail lines encourage Tech Location Developments. Commerce and Industry are coming. Housing choices are being designed, drawn and implemented.

274 N Reisner [Current Construction]

A complete line of new single family indy smart homes are now under construction. Voice and touch smart technology is being built into every home on every street. Wi Fi connectivity to your home and your life. The Home of the Future is here today. (Grand Opening Sunday Feb. 24th, 2019 from 12PM-4PM)

Stringtown is a street by street reflection of new developments, new ideas, and the beautiful emphasis on existing homes looking brighter and discovered. Local residents have always know the quiet secret of the Stringtown small village look and feel. Now it’s as if a new light has been shown on this historic location. This is a neighborhood of involvement and community. The issues of the White River are focal and prominent. New neighborhood parks and beautification projects are active and show great imagination and commitment for the future.

The waters of the White River are projected to run clean within the next two years. Dragon boat races will annually compete from the New York street bridge to the zoo.