Malcom Gladwell explained that “the Tipping Point”, is that magic moment when an idea , trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. 

So, can building 1 new smart house at the corner of New York and Reisner be “the Tipping Point” for Stringtown. Will the commitment to starting construction affect this entire street. Will other Investors, stakeholders and home owners become more committed to repairs and upgrades? Will there be immediate new real Estate interest in this street? If a “Tipping Point” answers Yes to these questions, then it appears as if things have already begun

A simple Ground Breaking Ceremony this month has created ripples upon ripples of a new Stringtown awareness. A size able crowd assembled to watch silver shovels symbolically bring forth a new neighborhood vision. Each participant added their energies and thoughts and said this “felt good to be here”. A moment was created. Memories made. Impressions left. Dreams and ideas pushed forward with social acceptance and assistance. All local, all authentic. 

Richard Florida outlined that for neighborhood development to thrive in today’s Creative Economy, the Creative Class would demand that the neighborhood have 3 T’s. 

Talent:  Stringtown is only  a walk across the bridge to the largest intellectual capital pool in the state. The proximity to Doctors, Professors, Grad Students, Administrators, Nurses and thousands of professionals is direct and close.This will be the first new home construction choice that this location will promote.

Tolerance:  The largest population of social diversity is represented less that a mile from the first smart house site. The neighborhood already is home to and International array of students from all over the world. Locals watched the new energy and the new young people become good neighbors and good tenants. Current homes owners talk about how they “Knew it was coming”. Neighbors know change is coming to Stringtown. For them it has always been a question of when. Change in Stringtown has been an expectation. 

Technology: The Home of the Future is here Today. Control you Home with your phone. A total Urban infused lifestyle of Intentional Design and the latest of today’s technologies. Locks, lights, cameras, movies music, and so much more. Know your weather, news and travel times with voice activation. Monitor all energy peaks, spikes and trends. Order dinner, groceries or anything the world has to offer.This is a smart house.

Victor Hugo told the world in 1875 “that nothing is more powerful that an idea whose time has come”. Is building a modern smart home, with close proximity to the states Capitol and University and sciences surrounded by a supportive neighborhood a good idea? Will having a model home to demonstrate the advanced technology available for today’s home buyer become “a must have for those visitors? Will viewers want to now live on this street? Will visitors now recognize Stringtown as a hip, cool desired place to live? 

Well the ground is broken and the story is now public record. The building of this home is beginning. The neighbors and neighborhood is “woke”. This adventure has begun. So, can 1 smart house on the corner of New York and Reisner be a “Tipping Point for Stringtown and the Westside. We are about to find out. Stay tuned. 

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