Legend has it that Stringtown got it’s name from some of the first residents who tied “strings” between trees to throw a tarp over and camp close to the City and the jobs it provided. Others say that it was a “String of Homes” along Washington Street that gave this area it’s name. Whatever the truth is, Stringtown has always been clearly identified by it’s location and proximity to the city and where the opportunities are. 

The History of Stringtown is a reflective review of the development of Indianapolis itself. Early days of this area are of a place cut off from the city by the White River and one that could easily flood. The development of the National Road (now called Washington Street) in 1830 opened up commerce and industry and connectivity. Railroads and the factories along their routes opened up many more jobs.  These jobs led to the settling of Immigrants from area as diverse as Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Macedonia and more has made this a true American melting pot of population. Many current residents can trace their back their Stringtown roots to over 100 years ago. 

The energetic development of the IUPUI Campus along with the Medical Research and Hospital facilities have brought tens of thousands of folks to these campus locations. The development of the Indianapolis Zoo, The White River State Park, Lucas Oil Stadium, Victory Field and over 200 shops, restaurants, museums, music venues and more now make the Stringtown Village location an ever increasing urban value.

Stringtown is now poised to again embrace all of the developments that the City of Indianapolis has evolved into. From Stringtown you can now walk to the Campus (bridges along Michigan and New York Streets make this even easier), The Medical and Research Centers in minutes. The White River itself is being continually transformed into a vibrant waterfront asset of landscaped promenades, bicycle trails and natural walking that are connected to and showcase this Urban Village oasis.

The Stringtown smart house are intentionally designed to maximize this urban village location and charming neighborhood feeling.

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